Mini Photo Studio Rental at Mannequin Madness

We have converted a section of our mannequin warehouse to a mini photo studio space for online sellers to photograph their products. The rental is at the budget priced - $30 an hour.  Bonus: we have free parking! 

You bring the camera and/or the photographer and we have everything else you need to take a professional, high quality photograph of your apparel or jewelry.

$30 an hour (2 hour minimum) includes: 

white backdrop

natural lighting

rotating mannequin base

garment racks & T-pins


your choice of 2 mannequins/dress forms from our inventory in our warehouse. *This allows you to photograph a lot of items in a short period of time, as one person can be photographing the mannequin as the other person is dressing one.

Available for an additional fee
hot lights w/umbrellas
access to ghost mannequins and up to 6 more mannequins in our inventory.