DIY Projects with Mannequins

On this page are examples of the most popular ways people use mannequins as a canvas for functional or decorative art projects.

Dress form Christmas trees are so popular we have a separate page for them here.

On each category below you will find links to youtube tutorials  and links to our  Pinterest board.

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We sell a Lot of our used mannequins and parts to people creating Hallowen Displays.

Visit this Pinterest Board for examples of creepy, ghoulish and fun ways people have use mannequins for halloween props.

For tutorials on youtube  on using mannequins for Halloween displays click here


The Christmas Story leg lamp is perhaps the most well known style of mannequin lamp. But mannequin lamps have gone upscale and some styles are selling for thousands of dollars.

There are not a lot of youtube tutorials demonstrating how to make tables from mannequin legs. But we found a few here here

We have almost every style of mannequin lamp on this Pinterest board. Some are DIY versions and some are specifically manufactured as lamps.


A fiberglass or styrofoam mannequin head can be a wonderful vessel to hold real or faux foliage.

For a digital tutorial with step by step instructions on how to make the planter on the left click here. (cost is $1.99)

For youtube examples on how to turn a mannequin head into a planter  click here.

For examples of mannequin heads as planters click  this Pinterest board.


We used old sewing patterns to decoupage the mannequin on the right.

We posted it for sale on Etsy and it was purchased by the Hollywood legend, Rita Moreno. She came to our warehouse to pick it up. Read about it here.

For videos on How to Decoupage a Mannequin Click Here  

For more examples of decoupaged mannequins click this Pinterest board.


Wood U Bend is a type of heat-bendable decorative wood moulding that can be adhered to just about any surface.

In the past people would apply these moulding to furniture and home interiors. But it has become popular to use them on mannequins especially for a steampunk look.

Visit this Pinterest board for examples of WoodUBend on mannequins.

For youtube tutorials using Wood U Bend products Click here


Mannequin legs and butts are often repurposed into tables and furniture.

There are not a lot of youtube tutorials demonstrating how to make tables with mannequin legs, but we found a few here.

But there are many fantastic images of mannequins as lamps and furniture on this Pinterest board. 

Mannequin Cupcake Stands

Mannequin dress forms can be turned into a fashion themed display stand to hold cupcakes, desserts or gift items. 

To see examples of different styles mannequin cupcake stands visit this Pinterest board.
For youtube tutorials  Click here 


I have a special fondness for mosaic mannequins.

It was my search for a used mannequin to mosaic and put  in my garden is what led me to becoming an accidential entrepreneur in the mannequin industry.

For examples of mosaic mannequins on Pinterest visit this board.

For youtube tutorials  Click here