Mannequin Recycling

If you are closing or remodeling a store we will recycle your mannequins (and other store fixtures) for free. This is a service we have provided retailers on a regional and national basis since 2003.  

Below are three reasons why retailers use our services:


1 Save the money. Dumpster fees are expensive. And if your dumpster is not in a secure area, there is chance that dumpster divers might create a mess as they  attempt to obtain the mannequins you have thrown away.

2 Convenience.  Although we are located in Oakland, CA, we have a network of affiliates across the country who can pick up mannequins in most major cities. Just one phone call to us and we get it handled.

3 Environmentally conscious.  Retailers who are committed to sustainability understand that sending mannequins to landfills is not the responsible way to handle their waste.

For a list of clients who have used our services, click here.