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Furtography Pet Pics

Furtography Pet Pics is where you get creative photos of your dog in a unique photo studio in the warehouse of Mannequin Madness in Oakland.  You can either book our dog photographer to take the photos for your for $99 for 30 minutes.

Or you can take the photos with your own camera for $49 for 30 minutes. After the photo shoot you can walk across the street to a dog friendly restaurant and have a meal or cocktail with your dog on the patio.

Furtography Pet Pics started as a happy accident.  Although I had not owned a dog in over 30 years I did sell dog mannequins (along with human mannequins ) as the owner of Mannequin Madness.

But when the sales of mannequins started to decline with as more retailers were selling online instead of opening brick and mortar stores, I began to explore other options.

I decided to rent out our photo studio to online retailers who needed mannequins to photograph their apparel. But over time people started renting our photo studio for other types of projects because they liked the props we had here (and that we have free parking)

One day a young woman rented the studio to take photos of her dog for the dog’s instagram account. Although we didn’t have any of the props or accessories we have now to offer her, she was happy just to have a great space with great lighting.

She was so doting and attentive to her dog, it was the first time I became aware “ fur babies.”

Learning about fur baby’s caused me decide to allow dogs in the Airbnb rental I had opened in 2018 but initially did not allow pets.

And it was while attending an event for Airbnb hosts that I met Ingrid Gordon, the owner of Go Pro dogs.

At the time the Bay Area was having an unusual rainy season and it was impacting her business since she photographed dogs outside. Light bulb moment and the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Since Ingrid is busy with her own business and only available a few days a month to work at our studio, I decided to offer the self serve photo option. These gives people more options – both from a time perspective and budget perspective.