Furtography Pet Pics

            We create the fun and capture the personality of your Fur Baby 

If you want unique photos of your fur baby for their instragram account or a treasured memory for your eyes only, you are at the right place. 


                                                     OUR STORY 

 Furtography Pet Pics began when a customer rented the photo studio in our mannequin warehouse to take photos of her dog and her friend's cat.

This caught me by surprise, because normally our photo studio was rented only by online vendors who were shooting their apparel on our mannequins.

But this customer wanted to shoot apparel on her dog  - who had his own Instagram account. I had no idea how popular dogs were on Instagram so I didn't pursue the idea of promoting our photo studio to other dog owners.


Until COVID19.

For many people their fur baby kept them happy - and sane - while sheltering in place. This gave me a new perspective on much dog owners appreciate photos of their dogs.

Since Mannequin Madness was closed as a non-essential business for several weeks, it gave me plenty of time to find dog friendly photo shoot ideas for  my Pinterest board. 

Dogs wearing floral collars and dogs having a bark day party appealed to me.

So we decided to combine both of these concepts in a photo shoot. Along the way we added more props - most of which we made by hand, some we recycled from retail stores.