FAQ -Furtography Pet Pics

Can I bring my cat, rabbit, hamster or other animal with fur?
At the moment we are only photographing dogs. We may set aside a special date in the future for other types of animals. If you are interested, send us an email
Where does the photo shoot take place? 
In the warehouse of Mannequin Madness 1031 Cotton St, Oakland, Ca 94606. Just off the 880 freeway at the 23rd street exit near Coast Guard Island. 
Is there parking available?
There is plenty of FREE street parking. Please do not block any driveway to our building.
How do I get the 10% discount to The Buttercup Restaurant? 
At the end of the photo shoot, post a photo of your dog on IG with the tag @buttercupdiner. Show it to the restaurant manager and he will give you 10% off your bill. Note the discount applies ONLY to the Cotton Street location, on the day of the photo shoot only. Dining with your dog is available on the patio only.
Is the building accessible to individuals with physical limitations?
Yes our building is wheelchair accessible, BUT our restroom is not. Fortunately the Buttercup restaurant across the street from us will allow you to use theirs. 
Will my dog be on a leash or off leash?
It depends on your dog. If your dog does not feel safe or if the safety of the Furtography staff is in jeopardy, we will ask that you keep your dog on the leash. We can try to crop the photo's in such a way that the leash will not be visible. Or we can make the leash a prop in the photo. 
My dog is nervous around strangers, what do I do?
Our photographer is skilled in working with all types of dogs and rarely is she unable to get a dog to cooperate. However it takes a while for your dog to get comfortable, this might impact the number of photos we can take in the allocated time.