Mannequin Cupcake Stand

If you have seen the DRESS FORM CUPCAKE STANDS On Pinterest and wanted one, we have a TUTORIAL to show you how to make them. 

There are so many different styles of dress form cupcake stands. The advantage of using a full size dress form (versus the hollow backed ones) is after the event is over you can re-use the dress form to display jewelry or clothing. 

If you are having a fashion themed event a mannequin dress form can be transformed into a display to hold your desserts or small swag items.  That makes this a perfect instagrammable image that is both functional and decorative. 

And this is a sustainable way to decorate because after the event is over the dress form can be repurposed to display clothing or jewelry after the event is over. 

 We have a tutorial for $1.99 to show you how to make one. The tutorial is free if you buy a new or used dress form from us and use the code: TUTORIAL at check out. 

Depending upon the materials you use, a dress form cupcake stand can be be made for as little as  $30 (excluding the price of the dress form)

For design ideas on mannequin cupcake stands from around the world visit this Pintrest Board.