Cardboard mannequins

How do you make your restaurant, stadium or venue look full of people while still maintaining a social distance? Cardboard mannequins

Check out these examples of how they are being used

 German Soccer Team 

Taiwan Baseball Team 

Zoom Weddings 

Birthday Party

Our life size cardboard mannequins are a budget friendly alternative to buying life-size mannequins like the restaurant in DC did as a publicity stunt. 

Send us a photo of yourself, family member, client or pet and we can turn it into a cardboard mannequin.

Available in two styles


perfect for placing in a chair. 


Or tabletop



FULL BODY (comes with a stand) 


We have over 100 stock images of people of diverse races to choose if you don't have your own images. 

Shipping is Fast and Free in the lower 48 States

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