Used Hosiery Legs (White): Buy 1, Get 1 Free
Used Hosiery Legs (White): Buy 1, Get 1 Free
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Used Hosiery Legs (White): Buy 1, Get 1 Free

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We acquired these legs from a major retailer that went bankrupt. And what a deal!
We sell the brand new version of these for $30 for a single leg. You are getting a total of 2 USED legs with this purchase. 

The feet are neutral - meaning there is NOT a left or right foot.
These are in excellent condition, just a little dirty and some very minor scratches.
This leg is 26 1/4 "
Self standing hosiery leg with weighted toes. These hosiery leg forms are made of lightweight durable plastic.

The smooth, closed sole prevents snagging of hose and the forms can be displayed from all angles. 

Shipping: $20.00 


0216 AAP 

*NOTE- Rootstein mannequins are excluded from our free shipping of used mannequins because they are labor intensive and expensive to ship. And used items are not eligible for the free shipping coupon
If you are buying more than one Rootstein, we can offer a quantity discount. And we also can accept an installment plan.