eBook Tutorial: Mannequin Cupcake Stand

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Note: This is a DIGITAL product with a tutorial to show you how to DIY this style of Mannequin Cupcake Stand. The dress form and materials are NOT included.

A mannequin cupcake stand is the latest trend in party decor. It is a fun and dramatic way to display sweets and then after the event is over you can re-use the dress form to display clothing or jewelry. So this is pretty AND functional. 

There is this Etsy vendor who sells these already pre-made for around $200.  But if you are just the slightest bit crafty you can make this hack version for under $30 (excluding the cost of a dress form). 

The stand is made out of inexpensive materials - foam core, plastic cups, velcro squares, but once completed, it looks expensive. No one needs to peek underneath the "skirt" to see what is underneath.

As you can see from the photos you can change the look with the fabric and putting a camisole on the form. 

If you need a dress form we sell both new ones and used ones. And we have dress form cover (available in a range of colors) so your cupcake stand can match the color scheme of your party. 



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