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Rental Ava
This egghead female mannequin has a slight hint of facial features. Her "I'm too sexy...
$ 120.00
Rental Cassie
The mannequin is fiberglass with a finish that gives it a ghost like quality. This...
$ 120.00
Rental Ethan
 Ethan, Ethan, Ethan...nice body, nice face, nice tan. Any apparel would look good on him. ...
$ 120.00
Rental Gracie Gray Egg...
This mannequin is a unique translucent dove gray color and the color changes depending upon the...
$ 120.00
Rental Janet
Janet is a headless female mannequin in matte white. Measurements: 32" bust 24" waist  34...
$ 120.00
Rental Jezebel
This realistic Patina V mannequin is a femme fatale.  
$ 120.00
Rental Lily
Lily, just like the flower, is beautiful. She is an Asian female mannequin, something you...
$ 120.00
Rental Lupita
We have named this mannequin after Oscar winner and fashion darling Lupita Nyong'o'. So can rent...
$ 120.00
Rental Peggy
Peggy is an egghead female mannequin that detaches at the waist and has a metal stand...
$ 120.00