German Pointer Dog Mannequin: Chrome

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This life-size German Pointer dog mannequin is made of fiberglass and comes in a wow-factor chrome surface. The mannequin has been professional sculptured to capture the characteristics of the animal. The chrome version makes an outstanding statement when displayed. 

The mannequin is extremely robust and lightweight. 

The front legs and head are removable. 

You can use the dog mannequin in a variety of ways: 

  • Displaying pet apparel (coats, boots, etc.)  
  • Displaying pet accessories (collars, harnesses, leashes, etc.)
  • To add visual interest to your store window displays
  • As a gift to someone who loves German Pointers


  • Dog Dimensions 35 x 15.35 x 31.3"
  • Collar Measurement 16.14"
  • Girth Measurement 25.6"

Shipping: $80.00

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